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Last time in my new series #LifeOfABlogger, I mentionned several events which were taking place here in Switzerland. In that previous post I was telling you how I wanted to share parts of these events with you.

Today I want to tell you more about them, so I will break it down for you and at there will be a video waiting for you at the end on tomorrow.


  • Inglot | Lausanne*

    Month back, I was surprised to see the INGLOT while walking in Lausanne city. A name I hadn’t even thought I would encounter. But here it was, a new Inglot store. The idea came from two sisters (Vanessa Surchat Chacon & Aline Chacon) who wanted to start something new and thought about this brand. They then pitched the idea to their father, who also wanted to take a new direction in his career and this is how Inglot Swiss came to life.
    For the stores opening, they decided to reach out to a new type of clientele. The Afro-Caribbean community of Romandie. And this how the Inglot team and Jocelyne Nkiambi from JocelyneNkiambi.com gathered all the Afro Swiss Bloggers for a special night at the store.

    * If you didn’t know about the Inglot, it is a Polish make-up brand founded 30 years ago. They are specialised in developping large range of colors (now 1500); as well as ways to improve, enhance and portray your face and beauty. Based in Chile, South Africa, Europe, Mexico, Malaysia, USA..they can be found pretty much all around the world.




  • Sephora | Geneva

    This is also a first Swiss Romandie. Wait! For Switzerland. Period. As this event celebrated the first Sephora in the Helvetic Confederation. To be more precise, it is more of a Sephora corner than a Sephora shop. But it is still a win.
    One thing got me baffled during this event. You want to know it is? THE PRESENCE OF KOREAN BEAUTY PRODUCT! O M G !!!! I swear I couldn’t stop staring and talking about it. This is for sure the last thing I would have thought seeing, in a store, in Switzerland.

    • Manor

      Rue Cornavin 6
      1211 Genève


  • Venus-Concept | Lausanne

    Cet évènement était sur l’invitation de Contcept, une agence de communication qui organise qui organise une grande variété de soirée presse. Venus concept, c’est la beauté allié à la technologie et l’innovation.
    Tu souffres d’acné? Tu as la peau toutes relâchées? Tu veux te débarrasser de cette maudite cellulite? Ces rides? Ou encore une vilaine cicatrice? Alors Venus-Concept peut t’intéresser.




  • Morgan | Geneva

    It had been a very long time since I went to Morgan. Form it’s correct name “Morgan De Toi“. When I went back there I found myself looking at a new rebranded Morgan and fancying it. While I was growing up, the brand always felt like it was more for the lady / serious young adult entering the world. I would go there to buy a nice “lady-like” suit styled pants or blazer. Now with a colorful sport chic vibe added to their overall collection, the brand’s new looks scream “I’m young, fun, confident and I know it“ without loosing its core identity.

    • Morgan Genève

      Place de la Fusterie 14
      1204 Genève

    • Morgan Lausanne
      • Métropole 2000
        Rue des Terreaux 25
        1003 Lausanne
      • Rue de Bourg 30
        1003 Lausanne



  • Ibis Hotel | Zurich

    Most frenchie or french speaking person in Europe knows the Ibis hotel chain. Where as it seems to be less known in the german speaking part of Switzerland. Taking this into account, they branch organised a soirée / vernissage party under the title RICH AND FAMOUS. The idea was to promote the brand and gather bloggers, journalists, models, artists and business men. During the evening we danced, drank, ate, exchanged, reconnected and saw the exposition of Iouri Podladtchikov and his models work. There was also a little bedroom corner with accessories to disguise yourself and a photographer there to capture moments of you playing around.
    I had a great time at this party, took some pictures and even had the opportunity to take room for the night with free parking. #RichAndFamous

    • Ibis Zurich City West

      Schiffbaustrasse 11
      8005 Zurich


Special Thanks

A special thanks to Jocelyne and the Inglot Team for putting into light dark skinned products and answering an unspoken demand. Thank you also for offering a new opportunities and bringing diversity on the market.


Yolicia | Jocelyne | Nenella

An Other Special

I will post a video on all the events talked about above tomorrox. You can watch it down below or on youtube [turningpointtv]!

xo, Stéph

I hope you enjoyed this little read, leave a comment below. Talk to you in the next post Love!

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