my last weekend in Switzerland and also my birthday, before moving from Switzerland to France. More precisely, to go to Paris. for the occasion, I spent a weekend in Geneva at the Novotel hotel to be pampered and I went to see the 2019 edition of Afrodyssée – African International Market trends and creations at Maison Pitoëff – Communal Hall of Plainpalais.



Stéphanie: [00:00:00] Welcome to Turning Point TV. today I bring you from Lausanne to Paris.

Stéphanie: [00:00:04] During my last weekend in Switzerland. because I’m going to France until the end of the year. if you are not yet subscribed I invite you to subscribe to this channel and to like this video by putting a small thumb. if you love him. this weekend, as it was my birthday and I was going to spend the weekend in Geneva and leave in a row, I decided to have my nails done

The beautician: [00:00:34] but afterwards, I have to take the other hand and you can not film ”

Stéphanie: [00:00:41] yes

[00:00:50] You can put in, all the way in

Stéphanie: [00:00:53] That’s it, that touches the edge. it shines with a thousand lights. I’ve never had the nails also sweet and fancy pink.

Hotelier: [00:01:15] Do you want me to open it? like you want.

Stephanie: [00:01:22] I do not know how long the food will arrive. No! I take fish or shrimps. I thought curry. The joke. Just before, we were out in the sun. and there all at once, there is hail as not possible. you can not even open the balcony door. it’s just mythical! wait wait wait we try to open.

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Stéphanie: [00:02:04] Wait! I’m not coming Ahh! Oh my God! He is the giant thing. It’s sick!

Mister King: [00:02:37] I just want to say. do we have to go shopping? yes I guess so!

Stéphanie: [00:02:47] We were supposed to go shopping, but we promise.

Stéphanie: [00:04:14] I said to myself, but what is this story, it’s not possible. In an hour of time, it changed like that.

Taxi driver: [00:04:19] Friday night was the same. It was great. It was sunny and everything. until late night hen! yeah! and then suddenly, around one o’clock in the morning. The rain starts to drop my cords.

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