Silence – When life leaves nothing but emptiness

Chers lecteurs, Chères lectrices,
Excusez mon absence, je vous avais promis lors de mon dernier article d’être plus présente, mais je ne peux pas.
J’ai subitement perdu ma maman ce week-end, donc j’espère que vous comprendrez mon silence durant cette période à venir.

Avec amour. Stéphanie

Dear readers,
Please excuse my absence, I said in my last post that I would be more present, but I can’t.
My mother suddenly passed away this weekend. Therefore, I hope that you will understand my silence for the coming time.

With love. Stéphanie

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2 Responses
  • Stéphanie Guillaume
    08 . 12 . 2013

    Hi Evelyn! Thank you for your wishes. It is indeed a difficult time, but I am happy to have amazing friends and other family members by side.
    xo Stéphie

  • Evelyn Morales
    08 . 12 . 2013

    I am very sad to hear your news, I hope you will get though this difficult time and that we will see you back.

    All the best, wishes you

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