Sharing with you today my Soundcloud winter playlist. This playlist has been my sweet delight for several weeks now.

A simple selection of 8 songs, all very deep, smooth beat and sometimes calm. From different artist showcased by Soundcloud. And I wanted to add that I never knew any of these artists. It is a grand pleasure to go everyday on Soundcloud, push play and discover day after day a new dj, a new remix or a new song, from both well known and unknown artists.

These songs accompany sometimes in the morning when I wake up, sometimes before I go to bed or when I want a smooth vibe to do some activities at home, such as cleaning my room or taking a shower. Hope you will enjoy and maybe make some new discoveries.


      1. TarroTHEY. – Deep End (Tarro Remix)
      2. Emmit FennBlinded
      3. HONORSOver
      4. Young FuturaYoung Futura – Patience
      5. Gill ChangNever Again (feat. Grand Khai)
      6. Lowly PalaceSynchronice – Illusion
      7. LoveStyle RecordsZara Arshakian – Maybe (Jako Diaz Radio Mix)
      8. Elk RoadHanging By A Thread (Just A Gent Remix)

If you know other websites or platforms like Sounclound, let me know their names in the comments below.

xo, Stéph


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