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Here’s a few items I have been craving lately and I thought they would be just fine for the spring/summer season. All six items can be mix-matched together, plus they are super bright and colorful – except for the skirt obviously. Amongst these, a short sleeve jacket such as the beige trench coat is a must-have.

You can shop everything hereunder, simply by clicking on the images and on the arrow for the next items.

Do you have any summer obsession(s)?




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2 Responses
  • Natalia
    03 . 07 . 2015

    I do have an obsession: mules. I love this summer’s fashion 🙂 And I follow you now on bloglovin

    • Stéphanie Guillaume
      21 . 07 . 2015

      I really didn’t expect mules to become an item, and I must admit I too like it. Thanks for the follow missy 🙂

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