Switzerland is considered a small country, compared to many others like its neighbors France or Germany. But yet, it is hides endless natural gems.

I was fortunate enough to visit Mount Titlis last Friday with the help of Visa Bonus Card which is a credit and/or prepaid card. Today I wanted to bring to you this indescribable experience and show you this beautiful side of Switzerland.


Mount Titlis is a beautiful mountain in the heart of the Swiss Alps, and more precisely in the Obwalden canton. It is 3’238 meters above sea level and has erected in the middle of the 18th century. The ride up is breath-taking as you witness a priceless view while reaching the top of the Mount Titlis.



There are several steps to the ascent:

  • You take a first cable car to Gerschnialp at 1’262 meters
  • Then continue to Trubsee which is located at 1’800 meters.
  • In Trubsee, you change to hop on board the Rotair which is the world’s first rotating cable-car which will take you to Stand at 2’428 meters before reaching Titlis.
    • You will notice that the Rotair cable-car is one of a kind because it rotates slowly while going upward and that gives you a 360 degrees’ view of the mountains and the landscape.

Once you reach the top, you can partake either enjoy the view or partake in different activities amongst which is the glacier cave. I have to admit I did not find this activity interesting, it was simply a cave not so pretty, made of ice walls. Other than that, I really spend an incredible day in Mount Titlis as I was enjoying calm, peace, an unexpected view and a shining sun in summer in the middle of the mountains.

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With the visa bonus card, you too can experience the beauty of the mountains, breathe in the fresh air at your leisurely pace and way more. Thanks to partnerships with different companies you can take profit of multitude reductions on ski tickets, concert tickets, travels, events, cars locations, hotel locations and diverse excursions like the one I made in Mount Titlis. In the partnerships you will find companies such as:

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And the list goes on with about 300 more collaborators.

The visa credit card works on a bonus base: this means that for every penny you spent in purchases, you receive points. You can sooner or later collect these points by turning them into real money. On top of being able to choose between a credit or a prepaid card, you can:

  • Use it in the entire world.
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What a nice way to enjoy shopping, wellness and leisure right!?




xo, Stéph

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