I would like to modestly share with you a list of a few things that I wish to accomplish in life. My life goals list. Although it doesn’t encompass all that my heart desires, I can say that it gives you quite the helicopter view of who I am, what I want to do and what I aspire to. Hopefully you will appreciate this page as a mean to get to know me better. And I update it to my best so that it stays relevant and mirrors my life’s activities.


  • Do a 1-3 months travel throughout Haiti.
  • Travel to Australia
  • Travel to New Zealand
  • Visit Dubai
  • Visit Singapore
  • Do a an asian tour including Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia
  • Travel to Cuba
  • Go to Louisiana
  • Go to the Galapagos
  • Go to Iceland
  • Go to Cappadocia et Pammukale
  • Go to Venicia
  • Travel to South Africa
  • Travel Nigeria
  • Go on a safari
*I obviously wanna do a world tour, visit all five continents and go to almost every country in the world, but that would make for a very long list of destinations. So I’ll just keep adding, or not, slowly to the list.




  • Master German
  • Master Spanish
  • Master Korean


  • Get married
  • Have twins, one boy one girl
  • Adopt 2 children
  • Adopt an elephant
  • Get a dog
  • Get my stepfather his perfect at-home nursing space when he grows old.
  • Buy an apartment for my godfather in the country of his choice.


  • Work 2-3 years for a fashion & lifestyle related company OR magazine for the Events & Marketing department
  • Set up an orphanage & education foundation in Haiti
  • Create my own fashion brand


  • Invest in crypto currency
  • Invest in real estate


On Life

  • Paulo Coelho  – The Alchemist    January.DONE
  • Jessica Geneus – Yon ti koze ak sèm
  • Gabrielle Union – We’re gonna need more wine
  • Adam Smith – The Wealth of Nations
  • Joseph Anténor Firmin – De l’égalité des races humaines (The Equality of the Human Races)
  • Jean-Price Mars – Ainsi parla l’oncle
  • Jacques Roumain – Gouverneur de la Rosée
  • Dany Laferrière – L’énigme du retour
On Marketing
  • Blue Ocean Shift – Renee Mauborgne and W. Chan Kim    February. DONE.
  • Seth Godin – Tribes
  • Gary Vaynerchuk – Crush It
  • Network Marketing – Jim Rohn    February. DONE.
  • Jan Zimmerman & Deborah Ng – Social Media Marketing    April. DONE
On Personal Development
  • Eckart Tolle – The Power of Now    January.In process. STOPPED
  • The Compound effect – Darren Hardy    December. DONE.
  • Malcolm Gladwell – Outliers
  • Steal like an artist –  Austin Kleon
  • Show your Work – Austin Kleon
  • Brene brown – Daring Greatly
  • Napoleon Hill – Think & Grow Rich
  • Adam Smith – The Wealth of Nations
  • Adam Grant – Give and Take    February. DONE.
  • Dale Carnegie – How To Influence People And Make Friends   May. DONE.
  • Tim Ferris – The 4Hour-Week    May. IN PROCESS
On Haiti
  • Dantes Bellegarde – Histoire du peuple Haïtien    April. IN PROCESS
  • Félix Morisseau-Leroy – Mèsi Desalin
Aaaaaaand …
  • Sophie Kinsella – Ma vie pas si parfaite
  • Virginie Grimaldi – Le parfum du bonheur est plus fort sous la pluie
 *I tried to put this list into different categories, to make it more simple for you to read, navigate and understand. I hope it worked


  • Buy myself an apartment in one of my favorite cities in the world
  • Buy myself a house in Switzerland
  • Own an old Jaguar
  • Learn how to drive a motorcycle and get the license (we’ll see if it’s a fantasy or if I have the guts to do it)


  • Collaborate with other bloggers


  • Go back to doing yoga
  • Go to a yoga retreat