9 Things to Do in Lausanne in Summer

What to Do in Lausanne in Summer

Lausanne, Switzerland, is a picturesque city with many green spaces and historical sites. It is a lively city and a great place to visit in summer. As a local, today I’m giving you a list of 9 things to do in Lausanne in summer.

From botanical gardens to diving into lake or sipping cocktails on a terrasse, there are plenty of activities that can be done at night as well as during the day.

Cathedral of Notre Dame of Lausanne, Switzerland

Delia Giandeini – Unsplash

Things to Do #1 : Visit the old town of Lausanne

The old town of Lausanne was built on the slopes at the heart of the city and has an impressive view over it all. One can find many shops, cafés and restaurants as well as museums, theaters and concert halls here.

  • Notre-Dame Cathedral of Lausanne

The Notre-Dame Cathedral of Lausanne is a Roman Catholic church. It is the seat of the Bishopric of the city.

The cathedral dedicated to Notre Dame, mother of Jesus, is of gothic architecture (Jean Cotereel). It opened in the year 1235 and the first stone was layer in 1170.

  • Visit La Cité (the historic heart of Lausanne)

Visit this area to see historic buildings, monuments, and cobblestone streets. Here, you will find the Palais de Rumine which houses the Musée d’art et d’histoire or Museum of Art and History. You can also visit the Cantonal Library for a look at their impressive collection of manuscripts.

Things to Do #2 : Visit Ouchy and the shores of Lake Lemanic

There are many natural beauties in the world.

Lake Léman, with its famous resort towns of Montreux, Evian-les-Bains, and Lausanne is one of them.

A famous spot at the shores of Lake Léman is Ouchy, a vibrant little port with lots of cafés and restaurants. Water sports are available here too. It’s a perfect place for a day out by the water with friends or family members.

  • The Chateau d’Ouchy, Lausanne Switzerland

The Château d’Ouchy is a 19th-century manor house located in the municipality of Lausanne, Switzerland. The estate consists of a beautiful, green landscaped garden and vineyard, as well as the 18th-century Château which was converted into an exclusive hotel.

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There you can enjoy the architecture, have drink, eat or attend one of their public events.

  • The Thai Pavilion in Lausanne Switzerland

The Thai Pavilion in Lausanne Switzerland is an elegant architectural piece. The pavilion was gifted to the City by His Majesty the King of Thailand in 2005

A truly beautiful art to see, either in summer or spring as the garden gets more beautiful with blooming flowers.

  • Eat an ice cream at the cabanon

Every year, tourists flock to the cabanon in Ouchy where they can enjoy a traditional delight. The cabanon is located on the shores of Lake Geneva and is always packed with people enjoying the sun and ice cream. This place is perfect for people looking to escape from urban life and enjoy nature.

  • Do pedalo in Ouchy

If you’re looking for a relaxing way to enjoy the scenic view of Lake Geneva, the Ouchy Pedalo Boat Tour is perfect for you. You can rent a pedalo and explore the water on your own terms. Additionally, there is an outdoor terrace with picnic tables and benches to enjoy your meal after your trip.

birds on water in lac léman, ouchy, lausanne, switzerland

Things to Do #3 – Shopping in the streets of Lausanne, Switzerland

Shopping in Lausanne is very easy. The city hosts a variety of shopping opportunities and can be easily explored by foot. For high-end shopping, head to the Rue de Bourg and Place St Francois for luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Cartier and Burberry. There you’ll find shops from the big houses as well local luxury malls like Bon Génie Grieder and Globus.

For popular brands and fast-fashion, La Place Centrale or Rue St Laurent has a great selection of stores such as H&M, Zara, Bershka.

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Things to Do #4 – Have a drink in Lausanne

  • Les Arches

The bar Les Arches in Lausanne is a great place to enjoy a drink and unwind. They offer seatings both under the arches and away from them.

  • La Jetée de la Compagnie

La Jetée de la Compagnie is a great place to unwind. It has a lakeside terrace that offers wonderful scenery of the Léman Lake and the mountains.

  • Les Grandes Roches

An idyllic, relaxing, setting at the foot of Pont Bessières where you can choose from a large range of drinks – long drinks, lemonades and snacks. ps: it is under the arches of the bridge.

  • La Galicienne

An ephemeral outdoor setting with terrace. They hold concerts, dance evenings, pump track, basketball court, pétanque track and many more activities.

  • La Grenette

A pop-up summer terrace on Place de la Riponne, which offers a wide choice of drinks and is a popular meeting point.

Things to Do #5 – Eat on terraces

  • Un Po Di Piu Restaurant

Un Po Di Piu is situated just off Place de la Riponne, Lausanne’s main square. The restaurant offers a simple twist on Italian food, with dishes like Pasta Marinara, Penne Carbonara or Prawn Spaghetti. Guests enter the restaurant through the small reception area and are seated in one of two small rooms.

  • L’Impression Café

The Impression is a small and cute café & restaurant a few minutes walk from Lausanne train station. They do coffee and offer fresh and tasty dishes made with fresh produce. Each day of the week there is a dish of the day and a vegetarian plate. On the weekends, they offer brunches.

Things to Do #6 – Sunbathe on the rooftops

  • Les Jardins de Pam rooftop

The Pam rooftop bar is a new addition to the Lausanne nightlife scene. It features a stunning cityscape and panoramic view.

  • MadHouse Rooftop Bar

Head to the sky lounge on top of the MadHouse for a one-of-a-kind experience. You will be granted breathtaking views of the Alps. Their cocktails a refreshing, and they offer a variety of snack choices.

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Things to Do #7 – Go out in Lausanne-Flon

It is a great place for nightlife, because there are many bars, clubs, and pubs. A few of which have been cited amongst the list in this article.

Bel-Air tower of Lausanne, route de Genève, switzerland.

Photo by Gaspard Rosay on Unsplash

Things to Do #8 – Swimming in the pools of Lausanne

The town of Lausanne offers many recreational opportunities to tourists and locals alike. Amongst those are the pools available for different types of water sports, such as swimming laps, water aerobics and more. During the summer, you can head to the Bellerive or Grancy swimming pools.

Things to Do #9 – Picnic in the parks of Lausanne

Lausanne has a lot of parks where you can go for a run, have picnics, barbecues, or wine down. A few of these are Mon-Repos, Montbenon, Louis Bourget, Sauvablin.

  • Mon-Repos

Mon-Repos Park is an English-style park in the Vaud Canton city of Lausanne, Switzerland

  • Montbenon

In the heart of Lausanne, Montbenon is one of those unmissable places that brings together tourists and locals alike. It must be recognized that it is difficult to get tired of the view offered from this esplanade.

  • Park Louis Bourget

Located on the western edge of Lausanne, the Louis-Bourget Park stretches between lake and forest. It is both a hotspot for summer picnics in the region and a nature reserve.

  • Sauvablin

It is not just a park, it is an entire area and even a neighborhood if we want to stretch it. Sauvabelin and its lake have been a delight for family Sundays, school runs and tourists since the 19th century. The site has, over time, become one of Lausanne’s symbols of nature in the city.

Which of these “9 things to do in Lausanne in summer” have you already done?

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