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In today’s article, I am giving you 4 tips on how you can start moving somewhere new without a job lined up.

Getting a job lined up when you like travelling like I do can be quite a daunting task. However, with a little knowhow, help and some experience you can ensure you have a career lined up before you hit the road and arrive in your latest city.

I have provided you with a list of things below that will help you ensure you have a job and a path to earning money lined up before you take your next move around the globe. 

1. Where will you be living? 

Anyone who has moved before will confirm that choosing, securing, and settling into a new house is a very stressful experience. Of course, the pressure is compounded even more by having to become accustomed to a new community and city. So no matter how tempting it might be, don’t try to move without having somewhere to live. Don’t ask one of your friends if you can stay on their couch for “about a week” while you are looking for your own apartment or house. Don’t try staying at an Airbnb or hotel for a short amount of time, and just hope that a good housing solution will end up falling into your lap automatically. Before you move, make sure to secure a permanent living solution. 


2. Will you have a good support system?

There are many people who make the decision to move to a different area so that they can strike out on their own away from friends and family. However, making such a big change like this can require some type of emotional support from people you have your best interests in mind and you know you very well. Will you be living with a reasonable distance from a friend or relative that you trust? Or if you won’t be, can you schedule Skype or FaceTime dates on a regular basis with loved ones who live far away?

3. How are you going to be approaching the job-hunting process?

Ideally, you will have a job before you move (or a strong lead at least). However, if you need to move before having a job, then you need to start your job search right away after arriving in your new location. Before you relocate, do some thorough research on your new city’s job market, and about how people who live there find jobs (employment and temp agencies, recruiters, networking groups, online databases, etc.) and see if you can get email conversations started with professionals within your industry before moving. Make sure your resume is in good condition too – here is a good resume example to take notice of and utilise.

4. Find out whether your current company will allow you to work remotely. 

This tip will completely depend on your job’s specifics. There are many positions that don’t allow for working remotely. However, if you could accomplish your job remotely without comprising its efficiency (or if your employer hires for remote roles that are slightly different than your current job that you have the right experience and skills for), then it is a good idea to get a meeting scheduled with your manager to tell them about your plans for moving and see if there is anything that can be provided by the company in terms of a flex position or location. That will help to eliminate the job-hunting stress that comes with moving.


That’s all for me today and for this blog post on Turning Point about how you can start moving somewhere new without having a job.

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