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I recently traveled to Haiti, and it’s been two weeks since I left. I was more specifically in Cap-Haitien, myhometown, situated in the northern department. Cap-Haitien is also the birthplace of the Haitian revolution. It is where you will find the famous “Bois Caïman” (a name which has a very interesting story) where the rebels, in 1804, made the decision to liberate Haiti from slavery.

That was a little historical part, now let’s get into my the story of my travel and how it felt to go back after 6 years.

At first, I was a little bit anxious about arriving in Haiti, due to changes there had been in the family and the numbers of years I had been away. Once I arrived, I saw that my worries were in vain. I felt directly at home, almost like I never even left. It felt so good to be with family, and the people I grew up with. We stayed together, eat together, slept together and partied together. I also stayed at my place because I have my own house, but it is much more fun to have sleepovers. Wouldn’t you agree!? 🙂

From the beginning, this trip was more family and family business oriented than visit, so you won’t see many different types of sceneries in my pictures or in the video that I will post tomorrow on youtube. I mainly walked around the city and went to Palais Sans Soucis. Though this year I did not go up to La Citadelle. It is one of the most beautiful and world know monument of Haiti and it is also a part of the Unesco Heritage. Because there are many places to discover in Haiti, there will be plenty to see from my future travels there, as I am hoping to go more often. Amongst the place I want to visit the most are: Jacmel, Les Cayes, Abricot, Jérémie and the magnificent Île-à-Vaches.


Bisous, Stéphanie

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