Trend :: La Culotte | 4 Types For SS15

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Trend :: La Culotte | 4 Types of Culottes For SS15


When I first tried a Culotte, that is last year. I was not convinced, even though I kinda liked it (apparently only on the hangers, not on me) and it was at one of the shops I hold dear AKA Topshop. I say last year so it might feel like old news to you, but in fact it isn’t. Culottes are surfacing more and more and I believe they will become more of a trend starting this spring. Just like the Birkenstock last year.

I don’t know what the word “culotte” brings to mind for the english native speaking population; but in french when say culotte, it means underwear. You see for us it means panty, which is not quite right either. The proper term would be “petite culotte”, because if you look up “culotte” it will tell you that it is a garment. It is only in the 20th century that this word became synonyme for underwear. Until the 19th century it was referred to as an apparel mainly for men (as it separates the two legs); and women were associated with skirt. So most commonly, a culotte is a pants. It differentiate form your usual pants by its width; being large from hips to bottom. Its length just like a capris is three-quarter long.

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The Straight

The Flared

The Transparent

The Open Cup

The Jumpsuit

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