* What I Learned At Fashion Week | Lesson n°2 *

What I Learned At Fashion Week

I told you on instagram (@turningblog) that I was in a bad mood that day. This state quickly changed once I arrived at Piazza Vetra. It is were we would assist to the shows of Roberto Zambelli and Fatima Val. My! The wonders the simple sight of beautiful clothes will do. ^.^

That day I am wearing my leopard coat by Unif from NastyGal, which I have had for years; plus two extra accessories I like very much. The first is my headpiece from Topshop. My second favorite of that outfit is the clutch, which I find super fun. It is made with sequin that are two-faced colored, so whenever you touch them in a certain way, the clutch changes color. I find that fantastic! And every time I’m mesmerized by this effect. The clutch is a creation of Benjamin Bühler, a young swiss designer. Definitely check out more of his work HERE.

Talking about designer. That same day we went to a few designers show and there was an altercation with a woman during one of the events. She was so out of place with my friend, who she pushed over to get a seat, literally. Of course my friend responded to her attack and tried to have an explanation, the woman just waved her hand to her face as to say, “Talk to the hand” and muttering “blablabla” with her lips. I was shocked, and I honestly don’t know how I would have reacted to her disrespectful ways.


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What you should remember about fashion week:

Lesson n° 2

Impose yourself, and be firm.

What I’m Wearing

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