What Is Success?

What Is Success ?

Success is the word of the century and maybe even of all time. I wanted to talk about this today because by wanting to be successful, we sometimes get caught up in undesirable habits. It happened to me, it can happen to you or anyone else.
The first thing you must know about me is that I am a tenacious person, so when I really want something I will not let go (unless I change my mind). By being so, when I couldn’t have what wanted or when I decided that what I had succeeded wasn’t enough, I became each time a little bit more uneasy. However, the question we could ask ourselves is “What is success?”, is it: Being rich? Being a famous blogger? Having a job you can brag about? Or maybe having a PhD? etc… I believe the definition of the word success and even it’s depth varies from one person to another. For me, it means always getting what I want. But with this wish came my bad habit, which is always feeling like “you could have done better”. With this feeling came self-criticism and self-questioning. Being able to question your personality, your life or your path is very good; but like everything, when you do it too much, it becomes unhealthy.

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So my message here is: You should be hard and demanding one yourself, you should want what is best for yourself, but DO NOT forget to be kind to yourself and compliment yourself as well. If you are working to make it happen, then be patient and persevere, because everything comes to him who waits.


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Why do you think everybody wants to be successful? 

What is your definition of success? 

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