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Women Against Mutilations | Fashion For A Good Cause

A lawyer by training, day economist, creative night. That’s the person hiding behind a parade in which I participate in October at Eden Palace in Montreux. However, before you say more about it , I’ll tell you a little of its foundation WAM – Women Against Mutilation.

The association of women by women for women. She calls for all women, but especially women who have been subjected to physical mutilation; FGM such as excision, infibulation or ablation (removal) the clitoris.

WAM provides to these women a psychological, social, economic, medical support and also help them in rebuilding their identity. As part of those women’s progress, the foundation offers them some independence through various social and professional integration projects to give them the opportunity to exist in a society they do not master.

Example professional sewing, cooking and African Art classes. Using these skills, they learn a new professions and acquire new skills for a new jobs.

The show was held at the Eden Palace Hotel in Montreux, where several key people and personalities were invited related to that matter, as well as friends and family members.

That day, I arrived at the hotel in the morning and I prepared myself with the other models for the runway. And as for any shows, there were hairdressers, make-up artists to take care of us, and a seamstress for fittings. A jewelry designer from Paris came to support the cause and to accessorize us. Without forgetting the photographers who were taking pictures and immortalizing those “behind the scene” moments.

A long indeed it was, but rich in emotion and with many interesting encounter. I also had the pleasure of helping a little the hairdressers by taking care of afro hair; and then once the makeup team left, I was responsible to put makeup on the male models and touch-ups as the were not available at the time of preparations. Finally in the evening we all went down the runway to public’s enjoyment.

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To be continued…

–> Part 2. sujet: The brand, the founder, Q&A…

Where to find WAM
Website: www.womenagainstmutilations.com
Where: Montreux, Switzerland

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