You know how there are these days, when you just don’t feel pretty. Like you are not “it”. Then you step out. You meet a friend, a colleague or a stranger and they tell you “You look beautiful” and you’re like “Oh! Who? Me?” thinking who are you talking about before proceeding with a “Oh thanks!” while that person looks at you with an approving eye.


Most of the time, I am pretty confident with my looks and beauty. Simply waking up, seeing myself in the mirror and thinking “Guuuuurl! You pweetty!” and sometimes I even proceed in my thoughts with “Thank you dear Lord, thank you Ma, thank you Daddy, thank you GranMa” 😂😂😂 And seriously I wish every woman could feel like that, as often as humanly possible. But those days when you’re just like “Argh!” We’ve all had them more than once. It can be because you are tired, because you had a bad night sleep, for women because you are on your period (always a VE-RY exciting time 💪🏾👍🏾) or even for no reason. Because why not!? And in these moments, it feels – Oh! – so nice, and invigorating to hear someone say “You look pretty” and smile at you.

So, I encourage you, to praise more people in the future, whenever you feel like it or you’re thinking it. Men or women, don’t be shy! It doesn’t cost you anything and it can literally MAKE THE DAY of someone else. So, that’s what I wanted to say to you today. And don’t forget…


You are gorgeous! Yes, yes, yes, I am talking to you. YOU are gorgeous!

xo, Stéph

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